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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Cold again..some more.
Getting tired of this, and ready for spring already!
Talked with a friend at church this morning about planning a week or so in April to go to the park, Lajitas, Terlingua and the ranch, hope we can work out days off together to make it happen.
Remember, you can do what you want to.
Thanks for checking in, and tell your family that you love them, there is nothing more important.



  1. What a sign, wouldn't it be easier for them to list what you can do?
    Just some freezing rain here, not bad yet. Spring is getting real close to being only a couple months away, that's a positive way to look at it I guess.

  2. You would not imagine what kind of rif raf you get on your place when you have a energy lease on it. I once caught 3 pickup loads of kids ( drunk ) shooting everything that moved on our place, including cows. You just have to make sure they drove by the sign to prosecute.
    Thanks for checking in! Say hello to Aggy for me.

  3. I hope you get to go and spend some time at the places you mentioned. It is cold tonight but I know by mid March we will have at least one or two 90 plus degree days.