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Saturday, December 7, 2013


He  was trailing a doe through my yard. I just barely got the camera in time to snap this.
I saw him whip a bigger 10 point a little later, I was surprised. Determination goes a long way.

It got real cold for this country Thursday pm, by that I mean it's staying below freezing for a LONG time compared to normal. I'm sure we will have folks with broken water pipes soon, looks like it will go above 32 tomorrow, can't come too soon for me, 45 is cold enough for me.
No one I know shot a deer at the ranch last weekend, but they are out there again trying, too cold for me. We have a great fire in the fireplace, Patti is making cider, and we are about to watch Baylor probably beat UT.
Ya'll stay warm and take care of each other, and check on the old folks, they may need your help in this cold snap.