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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Has definitely sprung, was 84 here yesterday, but a cold front came in overnight, and dropped the low to 42 with a 20 mph wind or so, so now, it's kind of uncomfortable outside in the wind, although the sun is shining.
The Benelli is on the way, should be here next week sometime. I have several new firearms to shoot if I ever get to the ranch again, which right now, is hard because of dog's, yes dog's. I have to figure out a way for getting some help for Patti, every 12 hour's, we have to give the diabetic dog, Pinkie, a shot, and she's not liking it much, so it requires help to hold her while the shot is given, so that's the barrier right now, but it can be overcome.
Thanks to Ronnie Jay a new follower watching this mess.
Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping in.


Got help with the shot for the dog, now just need to coordinate with friends for the ranch trip.

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