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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Benghazi And Other Outposts

I have to say, that I have never been so ashamed of our White House, and State Department that I can remember. The murders of our diplomats on US soil, should have been dealt with in moments with force, I mean 100 Rangers on three helicopters, and take no prisoners, secure the area, and make it known that we would appreciate it, if the cowards would bring everything they have, and let's get it on. I don't know anything any more lethal than an 18 year old Marine, or Ranger with a machine gun, think about that for a minute.......  To think that we would have any diplomats in that cess pool, without overwhelming protection is beyond my wildest dreams. I think the best thing we could do right now, is shutter all the missions, cut off all monetary aid, and get out, and leave them to themselves, they don't want us there, nor do they appreciate what we have tried to do for them.

Beautiful cool, rainy weather here for the last couple of days, I'm ready for October, and  a little cool off for a change.
Trying to work in some time to get out to the ranch, and reload everything, it's just been really hard to make the time.

Thanks to three new followers, sandpelican, A Simple Man, and flier389.

Try to have a great weekend, and thanks for checking in.


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  1. It was hope and change in action, speak nicely and carry no stick!