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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today, we went to apply for our passport. We had intended to do that over a year ago, but since Patti was ill, we have not gotten around to it until today. All of my paperwork went through ok, however, the State Department would not accept her birth certificate, so she will have to get a certified copy from the county clerk next week, and re apply.
We were planning a couple of weeks in Europe prior to her getting sick, so now that she's better, I still owe her that trip, and fully intend to deliver on that promise, although, we are not sure of the timing yet, but would need to coordinate with some of our friends in Scotland.
I am really looking forward to the trip, as she is, we both want to search for and connect with our family over there.
This is a finch, in our back yard during an ice storm a couple of years ago, he was sure fluffed up against the cold, and yes it was cold.


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  1. This is the best time to apply for a passport, after the Christmas rush and before the Easter holidays.

    Poor little bird, he sure looks cold.