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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Update

Sorry I have been so busy I could not post.
Pinkie had glucose issue's this week, stayed at the vet for 3 days, she is now home and doing fine.
Prior to that Patti's oncologist saw something that looked suspicious near where she had her radiation treatment's, so we were in and out of the hospital for a few days having a bone marrow biopsy, the list just goes on and on, Patti is doing fine, and all test were negative
The bright thing in all of this is today is TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY.
It's cold for here, about like the time that the Alamo defenders spent at their post's.
I'm looking forward to the trip to far west Texas in April, hope to have some good photo's and stories to go along with it.
Ya'll have a  great Sunday and thanks for checking in.


  1. Pinkie looks so cute!

    I am so glad Patti's tests came up negative and you guys can breath a sigh of relief. I am just now starting that odyssey with mother's CT Scan results.

    Did not know you were headed to West Texas...hope you have a great trip!

  2. Thanks MsB, she is a little cutie! Yes we are just giddy that Patti's test were good. Praise the Lord.