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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Day one of three in San Antonio for meetings with Ford reps.
Good friends, good food, great town, ( fiesta starts tomorrow, carnival tonight, ), the river walk is PACKED.
Had a great dinner tonight at Casa Rio Restaurant on the river walk. Could not get a cab in a reasonable amount of time, so we just walked about 9 blocks back to the hotel along the river. My knee can't take a lot of walking anymore, that's why I wanted to take a cab, but we went by the Alamo, first time for 2 guy's from Chicago, and one from Colorado.....they were to say the least intrigued by the history of the place, had a hard time grasping the fact that the city had built permanent structures on the battlefield surrounding the Alamo. Anyway, one of my favorite places, and had a good time showing the guy's around, I'll try to get some photo's posted if I can get my e-mail up to transfer from my phone.
Have a great evening, and thanks for checking in.



  1. I was raised in San Antonio and eating at Casa Rio was always a special treat.

    1. Very cool, that's where I took my wife on our first "date" after we were married, and she still remembers the place and time, I will post some photo's if I can get my phone to cooperate, Fiesta is in full swing as I type this, thanks for checking in.