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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Just came across these old photo's, it was a midsummer night about 4 years ago I think, I was at camp by my lonesome, cooking a steak and baked potato on the grille in the top photo, when movement on the ground caught my eye, remember, this was at night, and I had lanterns only, and trust me, I have camp lit up as well as I can now because of this night.
I saw this one snake, and since he was pretty well lit, I pulled the .357 mag and sent his head where it wouldn't hurt anyone, mainly me. I had just about got the pistol back in the holster, when, another one crawled right beside me about 3 feet away, going in the same direction as the one I just killed. Well, I was already spooked, and it took two shots to hit his head, and now I was down to two left, because I always carry a revolver on an empty cylinder. I don't know how you are, but at night, I don't like anything to do with snakes. Like I said, I was spooked good by know. I had the thought to walk about 10 steps to go get my shotgun that was in a rack on the side of the cabin, but there was TWO MORE of these dang things between me and it, and quite dark where they were, but I had a flashlight in one hand, and the pistol in the other. Now I don't normally shoot with one hand, but try to shoot a rattlesnake in the head with a .357 mag with one hand sometime and tell me how you do. I just  nicked one of them, and pissed him off really bad, and the other one was retreating into the darkness, I was out of bullets, and still had a pissed off snake between me and the shotgun, so I grabbed that 2x4 board and beat him with it so I could get to the shotgun,  The one that was going off in the dark got away, I never got a shot at him, but one more showed up about the time I gave up on the one in the dark, so he went to see Jesus quick when I shot him with the 00 buckshot. All of these snakes came from the same direction, and all were going the same way, so I have always wondered if they were on a kangaroo rat trail or something? But where did they all come from at once? It was too late in the year for them to be in a den. Anyway, my steak burned, and my quite evening was ruined, but I got 4 out of 5 of these things, and have never seen more than one at a time there since, but am always watching for them, the snakes do crawl at night when it's cool in the desert. 5 of these things in about a 3 minute time frame, all in the same place, what are the chances?
Watch for them, they're out there.

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