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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I've had phone call alerts several times today from the Terrell County Sheriffs office about road closures and rain storms in the area......... good........ I'm glad we finally got some rain out there. We spent several thousand dollars on the road last summer, but I'll trade rain for roads anytime it's as dry as it has been the last ten years.
My good friend, Ken, the ONLY full time resident within MILES of me, who by the way is WAY OFF the grid, said they could not get back to their home tonight ( about 4 miles s/w of my place ), so they went back into town to spend the night, as the roads through the canyons were flooded, and too dangerous to try to make it in on. ( AT&T Blackberry on the canyon rims work very well out there )
As I'm typing. I hear thunder of an approaching storm from the west, ( Burnet County ), the dogs are trying to find a place to hide, and I, am having a good time watching the storm come in.
Hope I ave some photo's to send of the rain event in a couple of days, I still need to get out there and reload the feeders and camera's.

Turn around, don't drown......... please

Be safe, and thanks for checking in.


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