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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Sorry, I have been so long in posting, will try to do better in the future, just have to make time, since I haven't had any lately.
It's amazing what .9 of rain will do in the desert. This is about 5/8 mile due west of camp, about 10 days ago. Got my truck semi-stuck right at camp, but waited till the next morning when it soaked in a little, and it drove right out.
Captured about 300 gallons of water from the rain, now we are in good shape for the animals water for a while.
My law enforcement friend here in Travis County stopped in today to give me the real story on the Austin PD officer killed in the Walmart 2 days ago here in the area, very sad story, the officer never had a chance to defend himself. If you don't have your CHL yet, please do soon, as you can see from the news, even the cops are not safe.
Hope you all have a great resurrection celebration on Easter!
Will try to post something else over the weekend.


  1. Glad you were able to capture 300 gallons for the wildlife in your ranch.

    Why did the policeman not have a chance? I promised my mother I would not get a CHL until she is no longer with me. Long story...

  2. The perp had his hand in his pants pocket and came out with a .38 firing at point blank range, in the Wal Mart. It was a very sad deal.

    1. Thanks for the reply, I did not know that. Very sad indeed.