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Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, it's been a while since I have had time to post, have been tied up with work, and my daughter and granddaughter, and I worked in a trip to Sanderson and Big Bend Park, whew, I'm tired and staying home for a while! I will try to get some time to make a new post tomorrow, we have some weather just nw of us now, hope we get some rain.


  1. Suerte,
    My wife and I just got back from a week long visit to BBNP. I Wonder if I saw you there? Hope you snapped a few more of your great photos.

    The desert looked even drier than usual but the area was getting a few showers as we left.

  2. I have been going there since 1954, even though I didn't know I was there, and it looks as bad as I have ever seen it, I will post a photo of my truck, so maybe you will remember it if you saw it, we need to coodinate next year!
    The area that used to have the water barrells for overheating cars about half way up to the basin area, the madrone tree there on the right is now dead, I was very disappointed with that, although I saw the others were still alive.
    I am posting with blackberry, our interent, electic, and cable are out due to lighting strike here last night, also, have the electrician here now replacing wire in the attic, it looks like we are lucky we did not have a fire, more later when I can get a minute, and yes, I did take more photo's, even the one of gas at Marathon for $4.17 a gallon!

  3. I was there with my daughter Mar 12-15. Camped in BBRSP with daily forays into BBNP. Been going there since before BBRSP was a state park (mid 80s).

    It was insanely crowded due to Spring Break.


    1. Don, the park was packed as could be expected, but we tried to go to less traveled areas, and had a good time, was really crushed by how dry it was, no sign of spring except a few yucca's blooming and the mesquite.