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Friday, December 16, 2011

Secretary of Defense

This is the Secretary of Defense.
She can out shoot me on my best day I think.
She fought breast cancer in 2011 and won, she is now cancer free, and on the road to recovery.
She can probably out shoot most of you, she shot 249 of 250 on her re qualify for her chl a couple of months ago.
I'll try to put this on a bumper sticker:
Last year this time, she bought me a leather vest with a concealed compartment for a small pistol, the night that we went to visit her mother in Canton TX.
When I travel by car, I normally carry my 45 colt, but since she she bought me the vest, I put my 1.38 inch barrel 38 spcl in the vest, just so I would be armed.
We checked in to the motel, a truck pulled up behind us, ( blocking us in ), and 2 men got out of their truck, and walked toward me, and ask for money.
I said, I don't have any money, or something like that, and one of them said, I WANT YOUR MONEY, in a very menacing way, so I took a couple of steps back, and pulled my wallet, and my .38 out at the same time, and ask them " which one of these do you want the most" or something to that effect.
The motel owner called the police to come help us, but PATTI was already out of the truck, with her 9mm, locked and cocked, { I heard it when she got out }, they jumped in their truck, and left in a hurry, and were caught about  20 miles down the road.
I don't know what they got for a sentence, but I'm sure it was less than me or Patti would have given them.


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  1. My goodness what a horrific experience you guys went through. Too bad I don't have a friend like Patty.

    Loved the irony of her buying you that concealed carry vest the night before you went to visit her mother :D